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About us
About the company
EXTERFER Company was established in 2003. We are an ambitious company with experienced professionals working for us; therefore we guarantee our clients top quality steel products.
Sales Programme
Hot rolled steel plates
Available in construction qualities S235, S275 and S355, qualities for production of pressure tanks P265, P295 and fine grain structural qualities S460, S690, S960.
Hot rolled strips
Hot rolled strips in coils and sheets are available in qualities S235, S275, S355, P265 GH, P295 GH, S355 MC, S460 MC and S690 MC
Pickled steel sheet metal
Pickled steel sheet is available in sheets and coils in qualities DD11, DD12, DD13, StW22, StW23 etc.
Sheet metal with relief pattern
Hot rolled sheet metal with relief patterns in the form of tears or squares.
Cold rolled steel sheet metal
Cold rolled steel sheet metal coils and sheets are available in qualities DC01, DC03, DC04 and DC04 EK.
Galvanized steel sheet metal
Galvanized steel sheet metal is available in qualities DX51, DX52, DC01+ZE, DC03+ZE.
Organic coated material
Organic coated material is available in various colours and thicknesses.
Pipes and profiles
Pipes and profiles are available upon order.
Exterfer d.o.o., Streliška 8a /1000 Ljubljana / t +386 1 547 14 83 /f +386 1 547 14 88
e-mail: mailto:[email protected]